The SOLVIT network was set up by the European Commission with the aim of resolving amicably difficulties encountered by citizens or businesses in the implementation of European Union law. SOLVIT centres are part of the national administration of each EU and EEA Member State. Their role is to pass on to the relevant authorities the enquiries they receive from other European SOLVIT centres, citizens and businesses, to analyse the merits of these enquiries and to help resolve problems amicably.

In Luxembourg, the national SOLVIT Centre is attached to the Internal Market and Competition Directorate of the Ministry of the Economy. The fact that the SOLVIT Centres are anchored in a national administration provides them with leverage to reach out to and persuade the public entities concerned to comply with EU law.


Making a complaint

Filing a complaint does not exempt you from filing an appeal with the national authorities within the prescribed time limit; otherwise you will lose the benefit of this right.

It is possible to submit a request to SOLVIT by filling in an online complaint form, available on the European Commission’s website.

Submit your complaint

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