Social security: benefits in the event of an accident at work

In 2011, a French citizen working in Luxembourg had an accident at work. The Luxembourg Accident Insurance Association (Association d’Assurance Accident, “AAA”) had initially paid a pension to the claimant, but this was stopped in mid-2013 due to suspected social security fraud. In the meantime, following a complaint by the AAA, the Luxembourg courts acquitted the citizen. Until 2021, he had not received any response from the AAA regarding his claims. He therefore turned to SOLVIT to obtain information on the progress of his case and to obtain payment of the pension.

According to Regulation (EC) No 883/2004 on the coordination of social security systems, "the institutions shall, in accordance with the principle of sound administration, reply to all requests within a reasonable time and shall provide the persons concerned with all the information necessary to enable them to exercise the rights conferred on them by this Regulation.

Thanks to the excellent cooperation with the AAA, SOLVIT was able to quickly obtain confirmation of the retroactive restoration of the insured’s rights.

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